Music that we love, Music that we hate. As long as it does not fit. Ever.

There is no point in defining what we do not want to kill. Death is silent we are not.

12 inches, mixed compilations, new kids on the rave, old acquaintances, rare breeds, obscurities brought back from the graveā€¦ Do not expect anything from us, you would be disappointed.

This is the House of no style. Randomness as attitude. Cross-pollenization.
You will know it’s a record from us at first sight but you shall not know what it will sound like.

This site is us, not about us.
Still-born fads, rants and angers, opinions, gossips,love at first sight.

Les Disques de la Mort is Ivan Smagghe & Leon Oakey. Join us if you stiff feel alive.

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Contact us

For all distribution enquiries, go there: www.aboveboarddist.co.uk
For web stuff : TEAMS – contact.teams@gmail.com / http://tea-ms.com
For other topics, send an email to: lesdisquesdelamort(at)gmail(dot)com


Submitting demos

Use our Soundcloud dropbox only.

We know no style, we like old, new, extreme and lazy records, with an accent on weirdness. We do not like formulaic, by-the mile music.
Please send us anything you think we would consider for release, finished or not. (Careful: this is not a promo box for Ivan Smagghe-demos only)


We will contact you if interested in working with you.