LDDLM 003 - 04092014-909

״ים שחור,עיר לבנה״ –
A Downtown Tel Aviv EP
A1 Chromosome – Gazolina (Red Axes Edit)
A2 Nosei Hamigbaat – Birthday

B1 Tova Gertnet – Etmol  (It’s A Fine Line Balnearic Version)
B2 Tova Gertnet – Etmol 

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When the Ginger Prince and myself started Les Disques de La Mort, we pondered  on reissues. As ever, we wanted pretentiously to “do things differently”. Our basic rule on the subject was: every 3-4 releases, we’ll bring some tracks back from the dead.


I will try to make a long story short.
A few trips in Tel Aviv (where I met Johnny Sharoni and Niv Arzi, the people who made this EP possible) made me aware of the extensive and more importantly, quasi forgotten, wave and pop scene from Israel. I won’t dwell on the in and outs of the question but I was blown away by a lot of stuff they passed on to me. I was also glad that the people who made these records were still around, and more than happy to get them see the light of the day again, in original or slightly edited version.

GAZOLINA by CHROMOSOME is one of those record hunters grail. Fetching far too much money on Discogs these days and having been a DJing classic of RED AXES for years, it was only natural that Niv and Dori got their hands dirty. Their edit keeps the raw punk rage of the original and is all the better for it.

NOSEI HAMIGBAAT’s BIRTHDAY was the track that triggered it all and appears on vinyl for the first time in 30 years (I strongly recommend buying the CD of their album on Anova, a label dedicated to excavating the TA underground). This is a heavily psychedelic romp, as if the 13th floor elevator had stopped on the 1983th floor. Wave, but in a cramped style. THIS HAS BEEN LEFT UNTOUCHED, IN ALL IT’S BEAUTY.

Okay, the purists will tell me that TOVA GERTNER is not part of the DOWNTOWN TEL AVIV scene. They are right, she is not. But ETMOL (1987), a chart hit in Israel, was too much of a good pop song to let pass. Tim Paris and myself are on edit duty and we have made up a genre for it: Balnearic is the sound of the beach and the nose bleed


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